NJ- We want to know you better. Who is Diamond jimma ?

D.J-I am an Afro pop artist . I am a student of tai solarin university. I hail from Egba Abeokuta Ogun state.

N.J- So tell us how was growing up like for you?

D.J- Growing up was a little bit hard .I grew up from a home where doing music wasn’t actually entertained . My parent are very religious people and you know how people view artist as the ‘bad gang ‘ , lol . The moment I knew I really wanted to do music , despite the opposition from my parents I started doing it secretly and I am glad I took that bold step .

N.J- What inspired your song with otega titled AJE

D.J- Well I am someone who likes inspirational songs , it makes me think deep about how good life can be . Actually I participated in the Aje challenge by Jaywon when he dropped the beat for his song for other artists to do a cover . I did Aje as just one minute freestyle but then , my fans started requesting for the full song , so I dropped the Aje song .

N.J- Who inspired you to start singing?

D.J-Actually as a child , I liked singing , sometimes I just use a steel spoon and a stainless plate to make sound so I can sing . you know as a child i haven’t really had the knowledge of going to a producer .So music is what I really loved to do since I was very young . It is more of me inspiring myself to do what I know how to do best

N.J- What should we be expecting next after Aje?

D.J- I am working on more singles. you know I never want to let my fans expectations down so I am trying to make good music for my fans . I will be dropping another single and a video very soon . I need my fans to support me . Download my songs and all . No Jimma without fans oo

N.J- Did you encounter any challenge when you told your parent about music?

D.J- Like I said I encountered many challenges. There were times I had to secretly go to the studio when I am being sent on an errand because I know there won’t be time for me to go to the studio . Right now , I am glad I have been able to partly convince them

N.J – Your relationship status?

D.J- Dating

N.J- Your female celebrity crush?


N.J- What country would you like to travel to?

D.J- USA , i want to go international ☺☺

N.J- Have you ever had any ‘crazy fan encounter so far’?

D.J- Oh there are so many notable encounters from both the female and male fans . There was actually a day some niggas saw me , they held on to my cloth and sang my song happily , they followed me to my destination and they were singing aloud on the street .

N.J- How do your balance your music with School?

D.J- It isn’t easy but I am just trying to balance up . I owe my parent the certificate and I do not want to bring down their expectations . I love music so I am not ready to give up , I am just trying my best possible but obviously one is suffering a little set back because I can’t give my best to all at a time . I am trying.

N.J- Any last words for your fans?

D.J- Big love for my fans. Because without them No Jimma.. keep supporting the brand.. and new sounds coming through

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