Popular Nigerian actor, Saidi Balogun, has been in the movie industry for decades and he has done quite a lot in his career. However, he is set to do something new.

The filmmaker is currently on set to produce his first comedy movie which would also feature his children, Jamal and Khalid.
In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Balogun explained why he was involving his children in the new movie. He said, “It is their passion. My children wanted to act so I decided to give them the opportunity and they love it so much. They want to make people laugh. Khalid, the one studying Theatre Arts, said we should give it a shot. Jamal had earlier acted in the movie, White. They said if their father can do it, they can do it better. They said we should move away from the norm.”
The actor also maintained that whenever they were on set, there was no clash between his parental role and directorial position. He added, “They made it clear to me that these are parallel lines. They said I should leave the parental role at home and work with them as colleagues on set. They do their things their way and I do my things my own way. They also said I am already popular as Saidi Balogun and they want to make their own names. They only need me to provide them a platform so they can show the world what they have.”
On why he decided to make a comedy movie, Balogun said, “One just has to diversify. My career has a lot of cardinal points and I like to try other genres. I have not produced a comedy before, so I decided to do one and give it a classical touch.”
The father of two also stated that it had been hectic shooting the movie. “It has been hectic but everything is going on well. There are over 200 cast and crew members. I am shooting in Owode and the camera we are using is very expensive. We have to watch the weather, lighting and other factors. I am also playing the lead role with other strong comedians such as Sanyeri, Olaiya Igwe, Okele, Elesho, Mama No Network, Jude Orhorha and Funky Mallam.”
Speaking on what influences him as a filmmaker, Balogun said, “One just has to think widely and do something different from what others are doing. As filmmakers, we have to give our audience new materials at all times. Creativity is constant. For one to be a good producer or entertainer, one must learn to always do new things.”

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