Facebook, Messenger And Instagram ‘Down’ In Mysterious Mass Outage

Messaging systems on the trio of Facebook-owned apps mysteriously went down on Thursday morning.

Thousands of users are complaining about the outage what’s happened?
Online outage tracker Down Detector logged thousands of complaints from just after 10am UK time.
And Facebook has confirmed that some users are experiencing issues.
Most of the issues seem to relate to messaging specifically on Messenger in particular.
But some users are also moaning that Facebook proper and Instagram have stopped working too.
The outage appears to be largely confined to the UK and Western Europe but reports are trickling in from around the worldCredit: Down Detector
The outage doesn’t appear to be affecting all users but it’s severe for those affected.
Facebook not working what are users saying?
Messengers users say they can’t receive any messages, and some can’t even log in.
Users flocked to Twitter to complain about the outage.

One wrote:-

“Is anyone else’s messenger/facebook down atm?
“I cant even access most of my s*** on Messenger atm because it says unavailable
“Mate says that its down for almost everyone. Wonder what the hell is going on.”

Some Facebook users can’t send messagesCredit: Twitter
Another frustrated Facebooker said: “Facebook Messenger goes down on the one day I’m trying to have conversations.”
Facebook outage is there an official response?
Facebook’s official status page suggests that there are ongoing issues.

And in statement sent to The Sun, a Facebook spokesperson said:-

“We are aware that some people are having trouble sending messages on Messenger, Instagram and Workplace Chat.
“We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

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